Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Boston

Another month, another lack of posts from me.  Again I have to apologize but once again real life got in the way of blogging.  This time it's a big change - I recently accepted a new job and will be moving to Boston!  My wife and I have been frantically throwing our lives into boxes, saying goodbye to friends made in North Carolina, and preparing to move to a city that we know next to nothing about.  It's exciting and scary all at once, and as with any big life change, it doesn't come without sacrifices.  Of course, the good will hopefully outweigh the bad in time, and the prospect of exploring a new city (and its food) is very exciting.

In Boston, we will be living in the Medford area - our immediate neighborhood seems very Italian, something that I am excited about after living in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh for a couple of years.  I'm looking forward to the little markets and all the possibilities that lie within.  I'm also looking forward to the fall and trips to Maine involving lobster rolls and beer at Allagash brewery.

I need to keep this short because the computer is the last thing to be packed... so, another city, another exploration, another opportunity for me to learn more about cooking... let's see where this takes us...

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  1. Good luck Jeremy! Boston is a really fun town, and tons of delicious regional food to enjoy! Safe travels!