Monday, March 14, 2011

In the truck with Klausie's Pizza

Last weekend I had the privilege of riding in the truck with Mike Stenke of Klausie's Pizza.  We met up in Durham at Fullsteam Brewery and I got to see how his amazing pizza is made.  I also learned a little bit more about the trials and tribulations that go along with owning a food truck.  I wrote about the experience for New Raleigh and the article was published this morning, check it out!

And one quick photo for eye candy, because this pizza makes my mouth water just looking at it...


  1. Cool article. I often think of ditching the library gig and buying a food truck. Unfortunately, the city of Pittsburgh isn't very food-truck friendly. Lots of legislation on the books that makes it hard for them to be successful. Did you watch Food Truck Wars on Food Network? Ryan from Killed in Action and his "Grill 'em All" truck won. Pretty wild.

  2. I did see parts of Food Truck Wars - pretty awesome that Grill Em All won. I didn't know that Ryan guy was in Killed in Action... I just knew he was part of the punk scene. Small world...

    Raleigh is in the middle of some back and forth on legislation for food trucks too. Currently you aren't allowed downtown (although certain carts are, go figure that one out), so guys like Mike have to go as far away as Durham for daily business (about 30 minutes away). The city keeps trying to dodge the issue because there are a couple powerful restaurant groups lobbying against the opening of restrictions, which is really unfortunate because there are very few restaurant choices downtown. Mike has been making proposals that seem to be well balanced; in his mind, food trucks would be wise to make some concessions because most food truck owners would like to be restaurant owners some day, but the city has let bureaucracy take over so it's stuck in the gears right now.